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Steel Barrel Cutting and Flatting Machine

Steel Barrel Cutting and Flatting Machine

cutting and flatting steel barrel
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Barrel Cutting and Recycling Machine is specially used to cutting and flatting steel barrel. It is also named paint bucket cutting machine, petrol drum cutting machine, Iron barrel recycling machine.


How to cutting and recycling the steel bucket ?

Iron barrel cutting machine is mainly used in waste oil drum recycling plants, plate washing plants, oil drum dismantling plants, etc. It is an equipment that uses waste oil drums to regenerate and process new iron sheets.It can disassemble oil drums of various specifications by rolling and shearing them.The working method is to carry out rolling shear cutting from the welded seam in the middle of the waste oil drum.



1. High efficiency, flexible and changeable site.

2. Ability to cut irregular concave barrels, easy to operate and simple to maintain

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