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Expired Biscuit Crusher

Expired Biscuit Crusher

crushing and recycling all kinds of bagged expired food
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Expired biscuit crusher is also named bagged expired food crushing and recycling machine, it is specially used to crush the expired food and separate the plastic bag. It is widely used for crush biscuit, bread, instant noodles, chocolate, cookies, candy, and so on. So we also can call it snack crusher, multi-function expired food crusher, supermarket snacks crusher.


How to recycle the bagged expired food and separate the plastic bag ?

The multi-functional expired food crusher integrates crushing and separation. Foods such as chocolate, biscuits, candies, bread and instant noodles all can be crushed and separated. After recycling and crushing, the food can be processed into fertilizer and feed additives. At the same time as the food is crushed, the plastic packaging bag is sorted by wind force, and a special part like rake holds the plastic packaging together and separates it from the food ingredients.



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