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Waste Clothes Shredder

Waste Clothes Shredder

shred waste clothes and fabric into pieces for recycling
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Clothes shredder is specially used to shred clothes waste into pieces, also named fabric shredder, it belongs to double shaft shredder (two shaft shredder). According to different waste materials, the shredder includes: fabric scrap shredder, textile shredder, shoes  shredder, shoulder bag shredder, luggage shredder, skating shoes shredder, curtain shredder, carpet shredder, bed sheet shredder, bituminous mixtures / asphalt felt shredder, and so on.

The main working parts of the two shaft shredder is a pair of relatively rotating rollers, which are equipped with helical gear cutters. When the material enters the machine, it is torn and sheared by high hardness wear-resistant material with staggered rotation, and then split, crushed into smaller size, which is forcibly discharged.


Advantage of double shaft shredder:

1.Heavy removable blade, high-efficient crushing rate, knife made by special material, firm and long-life.

2.Thick frame can resist high torque firmly.

3.Low speed,big torque,low noise,less dust.

4.Easy adjustment,low maintenance fee and durable.

5.Knife thickness and blade quantity depend on different material.


Double shaft shredder core part :




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