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Plastic Bag Crusher

Plastic Bag Crusher

crush all kinds of soft plastic bags for recycling
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Plastic Bag Crusher is also named plastic bag pulverizer, it is specially used to crush light, soft, elastic, tangled,foamed and other special plastic materials. According to different kinds of plastic waste, it includes: mask crusher,  melt-blown non-woven fabric crusher, PE film crusher, woven bag crusher, jumbo bag crusher, hairpiece crusher, plastic bag crusher,etc.

Plastic bag crusher machine is a high-speed operating machine. The materials entered from feed hopper to crushing chamber and crushed by utilizing the rotating impact of revolving force and simultaneous shearing of fixed force and moving force. Different grain sizes are available by changing sifting screen with holes in different sizes.

Advantages of the fine crusher:

1) Cooling system for prevent the material’s adhesion. 

2) The front and back walls of crushing room use double-layer sound-proof with low noise.
3) Steady movement, small vibration, easy to operate, easy to move.
4) Strong cutting force, high productivity, big crushing ratio and uniform fragment size.
5) Inlet hopper, crushing room and screening bucket is separated,easy to load and unload.
6) Special design for crushing room, no material skip, large feed inlet and easy to charge.

Application as below:

Fine Crusher.jpg

Fine Crusher-2.jpg

Fine Crusher-3.jpg

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